Leaving Islam, entering Christianity.


Insh Allah. I am mehdi, Issa.
this is my testimony I believe mehdi is Issa.
And i am also Jesus, the messiach, the messiah.

There were a man, a muslim, who were rescued, saved because he was going to be an Christian.

We must go, from Islam to Christianity, because we are All Jewish through our ancestor Abraham, who were a Jew. YESHUA CALLS UPON YOU!!! 2019 ARE THE YEAR OF SALVATION, AND FORGIVNESS.

Al qaida, daesh, hisbollah, fatah, all terrorists… listen to Mehdi.


Islam teaches hate against some ppl.

Christianity and Jesus, Yeshua teaches love and forgivness to All ppl.

This day. I AS MEHDI, MESSIACH, MESSIAH, will let you have mercy. Grace.

If you turn away from hate and violence, i will forgive you. Let this be a new day for all who served as an terrorist.
Be My Brother! End terrorism.

In Jesus name we pray.

Issa, Jesus, mehdi.
Insh Allah,
Ahkbar Issa.

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