Outlook and Gmail

I trashed Gmails password system, and Outlook password system because of this ;

I edited in a square with a quote of mine…


You might ask.

well the troubles are these,

I was going to install nordea mobilbank on my android.

But then,

I forgot my password and then I requested a new one so they wanted me to have my phone number that was registered at Google so I typed it in.

my smartphone recognized it.

There was a recognition from Google and that was good.

there came a message saying I am in Luleå which is correct.

So I agree to that and tapped yes!

That should have approved my account but it didn’t.

Now Google wanted me too have another email address entered just to verify somehow something.

I entered my Hotmail account as following ; the_returning_king@hotmail.com

Sure hope those people are pleased with that? I figured.

So they sent me a code @ my outlook account, @ the_returnin…com.

I DID enter that code 6 – 7 times, @ googles request page for that CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then binaryman awoke in me.

I wrote, on behalf of Jesus, some binarystuff to gmail, outlook accounts.

* illuminati

* hackerz

And donald trumph, WHITEhouse.

Then, well here we are^^.

You can access whitehouse all emails, you can enter gmail, all outlook. You can read, copy but not erase.

Ey hombres… isnt life beautiful?



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